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  Phase XIII e-books : 342,831 titles ( 1396/11/1 )

  Aerospace Engineering, Ships Design and Engineering, Marine Engineering (3,196 Titles)

  Architectural, Museology, Urban Design (5,335 titles)

  Arts, Music, Graphic, Theatre, Cinema (12,252 Titles)

  Astronomy, Cosmology, Space Science (2,406 titles)

  Biology & Life Science, Animal Science & Plant Science, Genetic (12,995 Titles)

  Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Biochemistry (15,239 titles)

  Civil Engineering, Water & Wastewater, Earthquake, Railways (8,544 titles)

  Complexity - Cutting Across All of Sciences & Engineering (609 titles)

  Computer Science, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence ,Neural Networks, IT (28,490 titles)

  Electrical, Electronics, Communications, Power, Precision and Control Engineering (16,071 titles)

  Education & Pedagogy, General Science, Library Science, Research, Children's Science, Personal Study (7,992 Titles)

  Encyclopedias - All Engineering and Medical and Sience Encyclopedias (1,699 titles)

  Environment, Ecology, Forestry (9,312 titles)

  Food industries, Agriculture, Animal Agriculture, Plants, Nutrition, Aquaculture (11,503 titles)

  Geology, Mining, Climatology, Meteorology, Sediment logy, Earth Science, Oceanography, Archaeological (7,116 titles)

  GIS, GPS, Geography ,Remote Sensing (2,530 titles)

  Humanities, Sociology, Philosophy, History, Religion, Culture, Literature, Population (27,799 Titles)

  Industrial Engineering, Management, Quality, Ergonomics, Project Management, Economics, Business (27,848titles)

  Languages And Linguistics (6,458 Titles)

  Law and Political Sciences (22,712 Titles)

  Material Science, Metallurgy, Corrosion (10,775 titles)

  Mathematics, Probability and Statistics, Applied Mathematics (15,269 titles)

  Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing (8,882 titles)

  Medical & Medical Engineering, Nursing, Health, Biomedical, Life Science (26,473 titles)

  Military and Defense (3,694 titles)

  Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, MEMS (4,332 titles)

  Oil, Gas, Energy, Alternative and Renewable Energy (2,844 titles)

  Other Engineering e-books - General Engineering or Not-Categorized Engineering books (3,009 titles)

  Pharmacology, Toxicology, Cosmetics (5,403 titles)

  Physics, Applied Physics, Optics, Lasers, Nuclear Engineering (12,066 titles)

  Psychology And Behavioral Science (10,603 Titles)

  Sports, TV and Media Technology, Journalism, Travel, Tourism (5,759 Titles)

  Textiles, Fashion, Cellulose Derivatives (1,540 titles)

  Transportation Engineering (2,076 titles)


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